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Buffalo Advanced Medical Acupuncture                                    Formerly A.D.I.O. Acupuncture & Wellness

Our team prides itself in providing 5-star service in a state-of-the-art modern acupuncture setting. Our clinician in one of the areas most experienced Acupuncturists and combines time tested clinical strategies that he was taught while studying abroad, along with today's most cutting edge modern techniques.


Our clinic's mission is to provide those who are told 'they have to live with it' find effective non-pharmaceutical solutions to their health condition with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.


Jonathan's Story

Jonathan saw the impact chronic disease can have on people while working as a Physical Therapist in a group of rehabilitation centers. He felt he could help people live independent and fulfilling lives despite whatever physical hurdles may have been dumped on their doorstep.


Physical Therapy does give you the ability to help people keep their independence, however it also has limitations. Those limitations are what lead Jonathan down the path of learning how to help people with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


When a patient Jonathan had been working with stopped seeing results from his Physical Therapy treatments, his medications weren’t helping, and the patient felt other medical specialties had written him off, he began to feel hopeless. Running out of options the patient began to explore other possible treatment solutions.

Jonathan McDonell, 704 Beach Road Buffalo New York

Jonathan McDonell MSAOM, LAc., Dipl AOM

The patient began asking if other patients had any experience with Acupuncture. At the time, Acupuncture was more of a fridge medicine, and no one had any experience with Acupuncture, positive or negative. He ultimately sought the help of a well-known Doctor of Acupuncture in the Buffalo region.


After a few weeks, the patient returned to the therapy clinic for a follow-up appointment, and the results he saw from Acupuncture were unbelievable. The Acupuncturist had cut his pain in half, his balance had significantly improved, he could sleep soundly through the night, and he was beginning to golf again!


Jonathan’s interest in Acupuncture began, he had seen firsthand what Acupuncture could do for people. Jonathan had exhausted all his treatment options from a physical therapy scope, literally sweating, trying to help this patient. Then the patient sees a guy a few times a week who sticks a few needles in him and then goes and sits on his but! Naturally, Jonathan had to learn more.


Once Jonathan experienced acupuncture and the powerful results it can yield he was confident that this was what he wanted to bring to the table. He began studying Chinese medicine at the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine. He even had the opportunity to study abroad in China to master this ancient art & science.


Jonathan opened his acupuncture clinic in Buffalo and now resides in Williamsville with his wife and two children. He has served the Western New York Community for 20 years at his private Acupuncture clinic in Cheektowaga, just a few minutes from the Main Street exit of the 290.


BAM's mission is to provide those who are condemned to 'deal with it' find effective non-pharmaceutical solutions to their health condition with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.

MSAOM Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

National Board Certified Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine NCCAOM 

Clinical Training in The People's Republic of China. Completed Hospital Based Clinical Training & Rotations in Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Medicine

New York State Licensed in Acupuncture

Our Team at BAM Acupuncture is Here to Help

Patient Care Technician

Maria has experience in medical settings and providing exceptional patient care. Patients love Maria's friendly demeanor and soon realize that Maria is the type of person that just gets the job done. Maria is here to help you with any scheduling or billing concerns and assists with administering treatment plans. 

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Patient Care Coordinator

Patients will often talk about how different our front office staff is from your typical medical office; in large part, it is a credit to the friendly smile they receive from Sydney when they enter the clinic. She assists patients with everything from scheduling and billing to helping patients during treatment. 

Clinic Assistant

Morgan enjoys meeting and greeting patients. Patients appreciate Morgan's helpfulness and sense of humor. Morgan is your go to person when you need some water or a smile. 

Morgan McDonell Clinic Assistant

Our Location

Buffalo Advanced Medical Acupuncture

is conveniently located at

704 Beach Road
Cheektowaga, NY 14225

Buffalo Advanced Medical Acupuncture has been serving  Western New York since 2006. Centrally located with convenient thruway access from both the South Towns and North Towns. Our clinic is wheelchair accessible with plenty of off street parking. 




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